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NeoJurist is a legal document library where attorneys share their documents with one another.  Our growing collection means no more starting from scratch.  Comments allow users to offer suggestions for improving or modifying documents for other uses.  User ratings and download counts establish your work as top quality, attracting clients and referrals.

With NeoJurist you can stop reinventing the wheel.

  • Search documents by category, keyword or jurisdiction.
  • User ratings make it easy to find the best documents.
  • Less expensive than a single document from other sources.

NeoJurist is a public facing attorney directory with professional profiles that help you get noticed by colleagues and potential clients.  Show off your experience, accomplishments and education with customized profile elements that highlight your strengths.  Network with colleagues and old friends from law school.  Private messaging allows you to share referrals directly with other users.

NeoJurist helps you show clients and colleagues your best side.

  • Improve your visibility by participating in forums and uploading popular documents.
  • Geographic search features make it easy for local clients to find you.
  • Much less expensive than paid and premium attorney directories.

NeoJurist is a knowledgebase where attorneys can privately ask questions, provide advice and discuss topics of interest in a safe and collaborative environment.  Unlike list-servs, our forums are archived and easily searchable by keyword or category.  Receive email notifications only about the topics and issues in which you're interested.  Group forums allow existing list-servs and bar sections to easily transition to our system for private discussions.

With NeoJurist answers, advice and support are always a click away.

  • Associate with practice area groups in your state or across the nation.
  • Organize and promote upcoming legal events.
  • Perfect for replacing distracting list-servs and time consuming leads groups.

The Best Tool for Improving your Practice of Law.

Features & Benefits

Save Money

An annual membership to NeoJurist costs less than most list-servs, online ads and small document collections.

Practice Efficiently

NeoJurist's document library and forums help you save time with legal drafting and research.

Improve Your Drafting

Upload your documents to receive comments and input from other users.

Attract Clients & Referrals

Your document uploads and forum participation increase your visibility as a practice area expert.

Network with Colleagues

Our user groups allow practitioners to join together to share leads, organize events and discuss topics of common interest.

Document Ratings

User document ratings help you find the best documents and showcase the quality of your drafting to colleagues and potential clients.

Better than List-Servs

NeoJurist's forums allow you to ask questions, receive answers, discuss legal topics and it's all archived for easy searching by keyword or category.

More to Come

We're dedicated to helping you practice law better.  That's why we have a strategic schedule for rolling out even more awesome features.

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Whether you're solo, big law, in-house, not-for-profit, academic or government, NeoJurist's community can help you practice law better.


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